DUI Attorney Client Reviews


Tiftickjian Law Firm is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 245 reviews from around the Web.
Their guidance through the entire process was simply invaluable to me, as I had never been through anything like that before.
I just had a quick consultation that all of questions were answered proficiently and quickly.
I was very pleased with the service provided by Jay and his team.
Jay and his team were absolutely amazing! Every one of them was extremely helpful. Jay got the best result for my case. Thank you Thank you!
They are kind, informative, and always available for questions and help. The staff is friendly and return calls prompt.
Travis and Nate: Although we are technically 'Customers,' this year has caused us both to hold you in high esteem as well as great affection. Your work and willingness to tolerate an old lady has not gone unnoticed, and is, in fact, deeply appreciated. The man you have been so instrumental in saving is kind and good, loving and loyal. He is my son, of whom I am proud. Life is not fair, nor should we expect it to be, Out resilience to problems speaks to our faith and good friends. Please consider me a friend, and if we can ever be of service, we would be honored. Blessings to you both!.
Phenomenal result considering the facts of my case. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer. He is the man. Thank you Jay Tiftickjian.
He informed me that it would be a difficult case, but that he and his team would take it on, and strive for the optimal result.
Because of Jay's hard work and expertise, the outcome of my case was as good as it possibly could have been, and certainly exceeded my expectations .